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Stranded cable structure with water resistant packaging

Number of visits: Date:Jan 19,2016

We all know of layer stranded cable structure is by a plurality of second coating optical fiber loose casing pipe or casing tight around the central metal reinforced component twisted to form a whole round cable core, but stranded cable structure how to use resistance hose packaging?

Layer stranded cable structure waterstop, the outside of the cable core first longitudinal bag composite aluminum strip and squeeze on polyethylene inner sheath, and longitudinal waterstop and double coated corrugated steel with a layer of polyethylene sheath composition. Buried cable sheathed layer also increased. Layer stranded optical to accommodate the large number of optical fiber, optical fiber Yu Changyi control; cable's mechanical, good environmental performance, applicable to buried pipeline and overhead.

Layer stranded cable structure after resistance hose packaging, is composed of a sleeve or pine fiber twisting around the enhancement in the center, bag belt fixing method, then according to the requirements of different pipeline, overhead or direct buried laying, adhesive protective layer for protecting layer.

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