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Technical standard of semi conductive shielding bag

Number of visits: Date:Jan 19,2016

Due to the special characteristics of the material, the semi conductive shielding material is very high. The following is the technical standard of the semi conductive shield:

First of all, semi conductive shielding bag should not tear defect and abnormal adhesion. Semi conductive shielding bag more than three joints allow each dribbling in. The distance between the joint and the joint is greater than 10M, and the tensile strength is not less than eighty percent of the original standard, and the thickness is not more than 1.5 times of the original standard. The product shall be inspected by the quality inspection department of the manufacturing factory to be able to pass the factory, and the factory's products shall be accompanied by the certificate of quality. The thickness, quantity, surface resistance and volume resistance of the semi conductive shield package are ex factory test, and other technical indexes are in the form of test.

In addition to the semi conductive shielding bag should reach the technical standard, when it into supply tray, bundle of semi conductive shielding bag tightly wound, outer packing layer of non absorbent packaging cloth, and then package layer of plastic bags, installed in fiber woven bag.

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