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The cable semi conductive water blocking buffer using a different method

Number of visits: Date:Jan 19,2016

Semi conductive buffer resistance hose in the cable industry has been widely used, however, the different cable semi conductive buffer resistance belt use is also different.

First, for the single core cable, in the insulation shielding layer around the semi conductive buffer resistance hose package, but also outside the metal shielding layer around common resistance hose package, and then extruded outer sheath, outer sheath material is ordinary PVC, also can use HDPE materials with radial water stop function, and other visual cable performance requirements and decide. And for the three core cable, in order to ensure the full contact of the metal shield, only in insulation shield around the outside of the package of semi conductive buffer resistance hose, metal shielding is no longer around waterstop, depending on the waterproof performance requirements of high and low, filled with ordinary filler or water blocking filling and lining layer and an outer sheath material with the single core cable in the.

Different cable semi conductive buffer resistance hose using a different method, which has been in the industry is no secret, but usually use electric buffer waterstop, is wrapped with aluminium plastic composite belt layer is used as waterproof layer in the outer sheath or the inner lining of the internal longitudinal.

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